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Blending, Viewpoint and Deixis: Evidence from Brazillian Portuguese

Lilian Ferrari (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan B215 Despite the identification of several categories of deixis in the relevant literature (Lyons, 1977; Levinson, 1983), it is often recognized that rigid distinctions between deictic and non-deictic usages in traditional accounts have precluded a comprehensive account of deictic data. Taking a cognitive […]

Nose-pointing: A facial gesture of the Yupno Valley, Papua New Guinea

Kensy Cooperrider (Case Western) & Rafael Nuñez (UC San Diego) Friday, May 18th Buchanan A201 How does pointing vary across cultures and what factors give rise to such variation? Despite decades of sustained interest in the human pointing gesture as a universal and primordial communicative tool, our answers to these questions remain limited. This presentation […]

Joint attention in television news: a multimodal analysis

Francis Steen (UCLA) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan A201 Alongside linguistic structure, discourse incorporates multimodal dimensions of communication. The integration of language, prosody, gesture, contextual reference, and appeals to recalled and imagined events implies that communication taps into rich multimodal cognitive resources. The sustained deployment of still and moving images in culturally elaborated technologies of communication, […]

Iconic gesture production during the conceptualization and formulation of speech

Marcus Perlman, Francine G. Patterson, and Ronald H. Cohn (UCSC) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan B215 “Gesture and speech are operations that have been connected within. This is the sense in which they are parts of a single process” (McNeill, 1992, p.33). If gestures and speech truly are parts of a single process, then gesture production […]

Criminally Insane: A Cognitive Approach to a CDA of Mental Illness

Ashley Reed (ODU) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan A hallway on the 2nd floor Chilton observes that despite the best efforts of CDA, discourse continues to produce and reproduce social inequality. Although large gains have been made in recent decades, there remains a great deal of stigma surrounding mental illness. This paper aims to expose aspects […]

Creativity, gesture, and the subjunctive: how co-participants use grammar and gesture in dis/integrating multiple realities in role-playing games

Michael Sean Smith (UCLA) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan B213 Imagination – as a collaborative process – plays an integral part in the production and interpretation of gestures in interaction, and thus should be investigated in research on cognition and gesture. In producing gestures in interaction, producers and recipients of gestures collaboratively come to treat the […]

The Prosodical Son: The Influence of Music and Other Modalities on Evolution of Language

Trevor Kann (UCLA) Saturday, May 19th Buchanan B215 Research in the evolution of language is severely disadvantaged by its inherent lack of physical and empirical evidence. Consequently, language evolutionists must paint a picture of the development of language that complements the overall evolution of the human species. While some scholars incorporate the role of musicality […]

Modeling the Transformation of Conceptual Spaces using a Quantum Model of Concept Combination and the Notion of Self-organized Criticality

Liane Gabora (UBC) Friday, May 18th Buchanan B213 Most thoughts and experiences have little effect on our worldviews. However, the occasional thought or experience triggers another, which triggers an ‘avalanche’ of conceptual change, resulting in massive restructuring of conceptual space. The restructuring that occurs during insight is modeled using (1) a theory of concepts of […]

The English Passive Under Corpus Scrutiny: Some Cognitive Models of Transitivity Revisited

Dagmara Dowbor, Antti Arppe, & Sally Rice (Alberta) Sunday, May 20th Buchanan B213 There have been numerous attempts over the past several decades to give a more conceptually and/or discourse motivated account of what most of us now assume to be a range of constructions known familiarly as the English Passive. Two accounts, in particular, […]

Conceptualization of Musical Elements in Sighted and Blind Children

Mihailo Antovic (Niš, Serbia) & Austin Bennett (Case) Thursday, May 17th the Coach House, Green College – 6201 Cecil Green Park Road In our present study, we investigate the conceptualization of basic musical relations in blind ten-year olds. The children were exposed to ten diametrically opposed musical stimuli (high and low tone, quick and slow […]

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