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Download the schedule here: CSDL Program Schedule (updated May 11th, 2012)

Language and the Creative Mind

11th Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia  ::  May 17-20, 2012.



Pre-Conference WorkshopsBuchanan A104


9-9:30 – Coffee and  Registration – Buchanan A, 1st floor lobby

9:30-10:30 – Peter Stockwell (Nottingham University): Cognitive poetics for linguists. View abstract

10:30-11 – Coffee and Registration

11-12 – Eve Sweetser (University of California, Berkeley): Creativity across modalities in viewpoint-construction. View abstract

12-1:15 – Lunch Break and Registration

1:15-2:15 – Rena Sharon and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson (UBC): This song has a wiggle in the middle. View abstract  (in Roy Barnett Recital Hall, School of Music) 

2:30-3:30 – Teenie Matlock (University of California, Merced): Creativity in language is achieved through simulation. View abstract

3:30-4:45 – Welcoming Reception and Registration – Meekison Arts Student Space: Buchanan D140

4:45 – Welcoming Remarks – Buchanan A104

5-6 – Plenary: Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University) – “Minding the news.” View abstract



7:15-9 – Work in Progress Session @ the Coach House, Green College – 6201 Cecil Green Park Road

  • Mihailo Antovic (Niš, Serbia) & Austin Bennett (Case): “Conceptualization of musical elements in sighted and blind children.” View Abstract
  • Christina Galeano (SFU): ” Convergence in Music and Language Syntactic Representations.” View Abstract


  • Suzanne Fagel (Leiden): “Abhorrence and attraction, A stylistic analysis of distancing and identification techniques in literature.” View Abstract
  • Tiffany Johnstone (UBC):  “Frontiers of philosophy and flesh: A feminist perspective on frame and conceptual metaphor in Canadian and American frontier literature.” View Abstract
  • Julia Vorontsova (UBC): “Reconstructing Water metaphor in portraying modern China and its minorities in Zhang Yang’s “Shower.”” View Abstract




9-10 – Plenary: Cornelia Müller – “The dynamics of embodied ‘experiential conceptualizations:’ How bodily experiences ground the emergence and elaboration of multimodal metaphor in a ballet lesson.” (Buchanan A201) View abstract


ROOM: Buchanan A201 Buchanan B213 Buchanan B215
Robert Carlson (Africa IU & SIL): “Conceptual Blending in Supyire healing and protection spells.” View Abstract Steven Maye (UBC): “Frame-shifting and creative adaptation: Anne Carson’s sublime.” View Abstract Katsunobu Izutsu (Hokkaido) & Takeshi Koguma (Miyazaki): “Favorable and unfavorable effects: A typology of benefactive and adversative constructions in Japanese, Korean, and Ainu” View Abstract
Jennifer Lundin Ritchie (UBC): “Reorienting the Yin-Yang metaphor using Blending Theory.“ View Abstract Lieven Vandelanotte (Namur): “Imagined English: The language of the future sections in David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas.“ View Abstract  John Newman & Sally Rice (Alberta): “Collocational patterns in the literal use of English body part terms.” View Abstract


11-11:20 – Coffee



Geoffrey Nathan (Wayne):“ Some Affinities Between Music and Language.” View Abstract Mark J. Bruhn (Regis U):“The poetics of analogy at the limits of blending theory.“ View Abstract Carol Lynn Moder (Oklahoma State):Think of it as: Space-builders and grounding in public science discourse.”  View Abstract
Kensy Cooperrider (Case Western) & Rafael Nuñez (UC San Diego): “Nose-pointing: A facial gesture of the Yupno Valley, Papua New Guinea.” View Abstract Xitlally Rivero Romero & Claudia Reyes Trigos (Tecnológico de Monterrey): “Metaphor and iconicity in two Mexican writers: Inés Arredondo and Amparo Dávila.“ View Abstract Michael Israel (Maryland):“Sentimental Entailments: Negation and the Logic of Empathy.” View Absract


12:20-1:45 – Lunch Break



Eva Elisabeth Wehling (UCB): “When interlocutors get pushy: Space management gestures and communicative force.” View Abstract Mark Deggan (UBC): “What is Literary “Atmosphere”?
The Role of Fictive Motion & Hypothetical Focalization in Understanding Ambience in Fiction.” View Absract
Paul Sambre (Lessius): “Newness in the creative mind: the constructional patterning of instrumental causality in Italian (future) events.” View Abstract
Robert F. Williams (Lawrence):“Constructing a novel blend through gesture.” View Abstract Ineke Bockting (IC Paris): “Religious Fervor and the Cognitive Linguistics of the Small-Clause.“  View Abstract Ninke Stukker (Leiden): “Deviant marking of causality in fictional prose and newspaper genres: stylistic effects and linguistic theory.“ View Abstract


Todd Oakley (Case): “An autist speaks: Joint attentional concordance and discordance in conversations with ‘S.’” View Abstract Spencer Castro, Paul P. Maglio, & Teenie Matlock (UC, Merced):“How people conceptualize the web today.” View Abstract Iksoo Kwon (UCB): “Backgrounded information accommodation in Mental Spaces Theory: the Korean evidentiality constructions.”  View Abstract 
Ronald Langacker (UCSD): “The indefinite article in complex quantifiers.“ View Abstract Liane Gabora (UBC): “Modeling the Transformation of Conceptual Spaces using a Quantum Model of Concept Combination and the Notion of Self-organized Criticality.” View Abstract Chloe Gonseth, Anne Vilain, & Coriandre Vilain (Gipsa-Lab):“Distance encoding in kinematic properties of manual pointing.”  View Abstract


4-4:20 – Coffee



Barbara Shaffer (New Mexico) & Terry Janzen (Manitoba): “The embodiment of speaker subjectivity in modals and evidentials in ASL.” View Abstract Rick Dale (UC, Merced) & Max M. Louwerse (U Memphis): “Multimodal Communication as a Dynamic Network.” View Abstract
Elena Nicoladis (Alberta), Paula Marentette (Alberta), and Samuel Navarro (UBC): “Children’s use of gestures in telling stories.”  View Abstract Jake Kurczek & Melissa Duff (Iowa): “The neural substrates of creative thinking.” View Abstract
Samantha N. Emerson, Şeyda Özçalışkan, Gwen Frishkoff (Georgia SU), & Iria G. Romay-Fernández (Santiago de Compostela): “The effects of gesture and motion type on word learning in Spanish.” View Abstract Steve DiPaola (SFU): “Computationally modeling creativity: Implementation and response to a computer being creative on its own.” View Abstract


6-7 – Plenary: Terry Janzen – “From embodied perspective to grammar in American Sign Language.” View abstract





8:30-9 – Coffee

9-10 – Plenary: Seana Coulson – “Cognitive neuroscience of creative language.” View abstract



ROOM: Buchanan A201 Buchanan B213 Buchanan B215.
Álvaro Corral Cuartas (Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano):“The genesis of Picasso´s Guernica and its possible interpretations in the light of Conceptual Blending Theory.“ View Abstract Tyler Marghetis, Benjamin Bergen, & Rafael Núñez (UCSD):“Flexible conceptualization in mathematics: Evidence in gesture of multiple and complementary construals of abstract arithmetic.“  View Abstract  Marlene E. Burke & Michele I. Feist (Louisiana, Lafayette):“When actions speak: Embodied effects on non-literal uses of spatial terms.” View Abstract
Steve DiPaola & Allison Smith (SFU): “Formalizing an interconnected syntax for Picasso’s creative process in producing Guernica.” View Abstract Bodo Winter & Teenie Matlock (UC, Merced):“More is bigger: Physical size in mental arithmetic.” View Abstract Esther Romero & Belén Soria (Granada, Spain): “Ad hoc concepts as source domain in novel metaphor.” View Abstract


11-11:20 – Coffee



Kenny Chow (Hong Kong) & D. Fox Harrell (MIT): “Interactive animated visuals as elastic anchors for imaginative conceptual blends.” View Abstract Gregory Mills (Stanford): “Clarifying reference and plans in dialogue.” View Abstract Trevor Kann (UCLA): “The prosodical son: The influence of music and other modalities on evolution of language.” View Abstract
Irene Mittelberg (Aachen): “Balancing acts: Felt qualities of meaning in descriptive gestures and artworks by Paul Klee.” View Abstract Noureddine Elouazizi & Maite Taboada (SFU): “Ostension and the nature of multimodal referential relations.” View Abstract David DeLiema & Francis Steen  (UCLA):“The evolution of gestural blends around learning a new technical system.”  View Abstract 


12:20-1:30 – Lunch Break


1:30-2:30 – Poster Session (see appendix), in Buchanan A, 2nd floor lobby.



Mike Borkent (UBC):“’Space-time hallucinations:’ A cognitive poetic approach to time in comics.” View Abstract Michael Sean Smith (UCLA):“Creativity, gesture, and the subjunctive: How co-participants use grammar and gesture in dis/integrating multiple realities in role-playing games.“ View Abstract Laura Morett, Raymond Gibbs, and Brian MacWhinney (UCSC): “The Role of Gesture in L2 Learning: Communication, Acquisition, and Retention.” View Abstract
Francis Steen (UCLA):“Joint attention in television news: a multimodal analysis.” View Abstract Tristan Davenport & Seana Coulson (UCSD):“Causal inference and language comprehension: ERP indices of semantic activation versus updating and integration.” View Abstract Jean-Rémi Lapaire (Bordeaux):“Grammar as gestural action.” View Abstract
Bert Oben & Geert Brône (Leuven): “Alignment sequences in multimodal interaction.” View Abstract Fey Parrill (Case), Benjamin Bergen (UCSD), & Patricia Lichtenstein (UC, Merced): “Grammatical aspect in multimodal language production: Using gesture to reveal event
representations” View Abstract 
Lilian Ferrari (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro): “Blending, viewpoint and deixis: Evidence from Brazilian Portuguese.” View Abstract


4-4:20 – Coffee



William H. McKellin (UBC): “Conceptual blending in allegorical political rhetoric.” View Abstract John Lutterbie (SUNY, Stony Brook): “Performing Gesture:  The transformation of gesture to sign in theatre.” View Abstract Marcus Perlman, Francine G. Patterson, and Ronald H. Cohn (UCSC): “Iconic gestures of a human-fostered gorilla.” View Abstract 
Catherine Ann Cameron (UBC) & Julia Gillen (Lancaster):“Co-constructing family identities through telephone-mediated narrative exchanges.”  View Abstract Amy Cook (Indiana): “’Bodied forth:’ conceptual blending and gesture in Shakespeare.” View Abstract Lisa Smithson & Elena Nicoladis (Alberta): “Iconic gesture production during the conceptualization and formulation of speech.” View Abstract
Patrick Duffley (Laval):“How creativity strains conventionality in the use of idiomatic expressions.” View Abstract  Rhonul Blair (Southern Methodist): “Situated and social: A (re)consideration of terminology for actors.” View Abstract Kashmiri Stec (Groningen): “Constantly shifting: How gesturing speakers use role shifted space.“ View Abstract


6-7 – Plenary: Daniel Casasanto – “Experiential relativity.” View abstract

7-9 – Conference Dinner at Sage Bistro – 6331 Crescent Rd, UBC.





9-10 – Plenary: Arie Verhagen – “Types of speech and thought representation in narrative within and across languages – a constructional approach.” View abstract




ROOM: Buchanan A201 Buchanan B213
Suk Kyoung Choi, Steve DiPaola, Thecla Schiphorst (SFU): “The tacit and the trace: Towards syntax of the creative act.” View Abstract Vera Tobin (UCSB): “Where do cognitive biases fit into Cognitive Linguistics? Perspective taking, presuppositions, and the Curse of Knowledge.” View Abstract
Natalia Blackwell, Marcus Perlman, & Jean E. Fox Tree (UCSC): “Quotation as a multimodal construction” View Abstract Geert Brône, Bert Oben, Paul Sambre & Kurt Feyaerts (Leuven): “Creative spacebuilding in (inter)action: the case of joint fantasy in dyadic interactions.” View Abstract


11-11:20 – Coffee


Fujii, Seiko Yamaguchi (Tokyo), Paula Radetzky (National Tsing Hua, Taipei),
Eve Sweetser (UC, Berkeley): 
“Separation verbs and multi-frame semantics.” View Astract 
Kasper Kok (U Amsterdam) & Alan Cienki (VU, Amsterdam): ” The role of mental simulation in comprehension of interactional and multimodal language use.” View Abstract
Jennifer Hinnell (SFU): “ A construction account of [be done NP]: What Canadian English tells us about constructions and frames.” View Abstract Melissa Zheng & Robert F. Williams (Lawrence): “Bending over backwards: embodiment motivates language.” View Abstract


12:20-1:30 – Lunch



Russell Lee-Goldman (UCB): “A story-prefacing resource in conversational English.” View Abstract   Conor Snoek (Alberta): “Tracing semantic change in Athapaskan body-part, effluvia and ephemera terms.” View Abstract
Max J. van Duijn (Leiden):  “Reading Minds: (Re)Presentation of multiple-order intentionality in narrative.”  View Abstract Dagmara Dowbor, Antti Arppe, & Sally Rice (Alberta): “The English Passive under corpus scrutiny: Some cognitive models of transitivity revisited.” View Abtsract
Radoslava Trnavac & Maite Taboada (SFU): “Backwards anaphora marking in coherence relations“ View Abtsract Michele I. Feist & Brooke O. Breaux (Louisiana, Lafayette):“Conventional but not dead: The role of metaphorically-based connections in the on-line processing of prepositional meaning” View Abstract


3-3:30 – Coffee and Closing Remarks.


3:30-5 – Post-conference workshop: David DeLiema, Francis Steen, and Mark Turner – “Language, gesture, and audiovisual communication: a massive online database for researching multimodal constructions” View Abstract


Appendix: Poster session

(located in the Buchanan A hallway on the 2nd floor.)


Dana Abdulrahim (Alberta): “A usage-based investigation of verbs derived from body part terms in Arabic.” View Abstract

Brendan Barnwell (UCSB): “Perception of prosodic boundaries by untrained listeners.” View Abstract

Nathaniel Clark  & Marcus Perlman (UCSC): “Visualizing vocal iconicity: Empirical and graphical methods for investigating pitch contours.” View Abstract

Elizabeth Finnigan (Strathclyde): “The Systematicity of Narrative Space: A Cognitive Construction?” View Abstract

Christina Galeano (SFU): “The emergence of null object constructions in child acquisition of English.” View Abstract

Jisup Hong (UCB): “Subjectivity and blending in Korean conditional –taka.” View Abstract

Mitsuko Narita Izutsu (Fuji Women’s) & Katsunobu Izutsu (Hokkaido): “Conjunctions and sentence-final particles: two processes of grammaticalization.” View Abstract

Siva Kalyan (Australian NU):“What a word means in a given context.” View Abstract

Laura Morett (UCSC): The role of mental imagery and embodied motion in sign language learning.” View Abstract

Amanda Rapone (ODU): “Metaphorical riddles as conceptual blends: A look at the riddle solving process.” View Abstract

Ashley Reed (ODU): “Criminally insane: A cognitive approach to a CDA of mental illness.” View Abstract

Alexander R. Wahl (UCSB): “Bigram attraction reflects prosodic boundaries: Evidence from some old and one new collocation measure(s).)” View Abstract

Soyeon Yoon (Rice): “The nature of coercion: A Usage-based approach with empirical data.” View Abstract

Nina Azumi Yoshida (UCLA): “How ‘things’ inhibit control: MONO-clausal connective constructions in Japanese.” View Abstract

Pardis Zaferani (Islamic Azad): “A Systemic Functional Analysis of English and Persian Creative Advertising Discourse.” View Abstract

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